Performance & Tuning

Performance & Tuning

Autobahn Logic Is a

Full-service automotive performance centre specializing in German Vehicles located in Oakville, Ontario.

Engine and Transmission Tuning:
Essentially, when it comes to tuning a car the original software is
re-written or modified to increase your vehicle’s power output, handling and speed.

Autobahn Logic Tuning Software:

Autobahn Logic is proud to offer Custom high quality, safe and Dyno-tested remapped files. Our tuning files are available for most German models and we offer the best performance results. Special requests and requirements are always welcome; Our files are all dyno-tested Stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3; We use Dynoroad for testing in our facility and work closely with our programmers and developers from Germany and the Netherlands who have over 10 years experience in automotive software development

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