This Mercedes CLS63 AMG had multiple issues and Autobahn Logic handled all of them. The first one was air suspension failure. As technicians trained by manufacturers and with professional experience with the air suspension systems since 1985 we are fully capable of handling these types of problems. In this case we replaced an air suspension spring and performed the suspension calibration.
The second issue: airbag failure light was on. We repaired the problem and erased the error codes. Third problem: parking assist system didn’t work properly. We performed troubleshooting and calibration of the park assist system.

Service A,B,C,D

Based on Mercedes services schedule we also performed the service for regular engine maintenance. On this particular Mercedes CLS63 AMG we found dashboard maintenance light “ON” with several codes like: service A,B,C,D etc. Those codes are not there to only indicate the need for an oil change. Vehicle manufacturers indicate those services to perform additional maintenance procedures, such as air filter change, coolant change, brake fluid change, brake service and other, to keep your car in best condition and performance. All recommended services should be followed to keep your car running its best for as long as you own it.

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